Rise for a Cause

Rise for mental health! We believe in the power of making, and the happiness it brings us... but we do not want to stop there. Mental health is an issue affecting many people today, and we feel that the best line of defence are people who care to do something, no matter how small it may seem. Sometimes those who suffer get through another attack by acts of compassion from their loved ones, but sometimes it comes from total strangers. We're trying to find new ways to help in our way, and so here is our humble mission:

We commit to 10% of every dollar earned going towards gifting foundations that help build better mental health care in Canada, and help individuals and families in crisis. Our goal is to use the money to continue sending these Gifts of Light for patients at the CAMH:

  • 'Growing Together' gift will buy tools and supplies for patients to get outside and garden and nurture themselves
  •  'Opening up with Art' gift will buy sketchbooks and paints to help patients express themselves and reduce stress

Art and plants make people happy! So as you support dreamers and makers like us, know that we'll also be sending you some extra love and gratitude for helping us rise for this cause.